Asus G750 Gaming Laptop Review and Specs Guide

Asus G750 Gaming Laptop Review and Specs Guide


There we have Asus G750 Gaming Laptop Review and Specs Guide for ease. Asus ‘G750JS as a laptop is a bit of a push with lots of great features, weighing almost 13.46 pounds and measuring 50 mm thick. This is more of a battery-powered desktop PC that you can dare to place on your lap. As a super-powered laptop replacement, though, the G750 JS has just what it takes? it has designed to endure the most epic gaming sessions with an Intel Core I7-4700HQ Quad-Core Processor and NVidia GeForce GT 870M Graphics.

In comparison, all signs point to a silent and cool working gaming laptop that with fan noise would not bug the hell out of you. It toasts your fingertips with a getting too hot meltdown.

Elegant Design

The G750JS has a black stealth space-like look that does have its charm but not as flashy in theme as other gaming notebooks such as the Alienware 17. This Laptop has made of high-quality plastic and weighs 13.46 pounds. This is a compact laptop replacement, in principle, but versatility won’t be a big selling point. The blinking color lights can even be forgotten; the keyboard is backlit but with white light. The keyboard is full-size but not programmable – which for specific gamers, but not many, maybe a deal-breaker.

The G750JS is crisp and has fully saturated colors with a 17.3-inch display (LCD native resolution 1920 x 1080). The monitor is glare-resistant, allowing visibility in bright conditions, such as in a sunny room. The “Trinity Display Technology” is also supported by this Laptop, enabling you to play concurrently with three displays.

Hard drive/Space

The G750JS comes with 12GB DDR3 RAM, depending on the price level, while the higher-priced G750JZ-XS72 variant has 32GB. Excessive RAM is overkill unless you’re doing HD photo/video rendering. You are best off saving your money and using it to update your device with other functionality on your notebook that you would use.

The G750JS-RS71 and G750JZ-XS72 have similar requirements, except around $500 extra. You get 32 GB of RAM (rather than 24 GB) and the capacity to burn/write DVDs with the G750JS-RS71 model on the Bluray drive.

This G750JS-RS71 has driven a 12GB DDR3 RAM / 750GB 7200RPM Hard Drive, 1 TB 7200 rpm hard drives. For smoother booting and computing, most new laptops have at least one SSD. In this case, the software on the high-speed SSD is wisely built by Asus, which provides even quicker reaction times, and it can load your games more accessible.

Best Features of Asus G750 Gaming laptop

Heat resistant

While buying a gaming laptop, searching for any overheating problems should be one of your key objectives. If the excess heat is not well ventilated and adequately managed, there is not much point in getting top-notch specs and strength.

The improved cooling mechanism of the G750JS appears to handle the jog very adequately; two separate fan systems effectively channel heat and keep the laptop cold (one for the CPU and one for the GPU). It also has heat sinks of copper that are better than those of aluminum – particularly when we talk about high-performance gaming specifications and requirements set on the machine. Bear in mind and the Asus G750JS GPU has technology for overclocking to improve efficiency by 5 percent. Furthermore, the Intel Core i7-4700HQ 2.4Ghz CPU of the 4th generation can be Turbo Charged to 3.4 GHz.

Performance Level

The G750JS has earned some high scores on results checks and benchmarks. While getting Asus G750 Gaming Laptop Review and Specs Guide your first priority oif=s to check its performance level. The GT 870M fitted with Asus was not as fast as the two 780Ms on the Alienware 18 notebook in the 3DMark 11 overall graphics comparison.

Still, the G750 came in a near second and was over 20 percent quicker than the single 780M Alienware 17 – at least in intense mode. The G750 pulled off some reasonable frame rates in actual gameplay.


It’s just a chilly laptop. This Laptop never gets uncomfortably hot, and the keyboard deck remains well below body temperature due to the large casing and effective dual fan design. The bottom didn’t exceed body temperature, even after playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer for 2 hours. When gaming, thermal throttling was never a problem. Fortunately, the fans are reticent too, and when performing productivity work, you’ll hardly hear them.

They do not roar even when gaming, nor are they pitched annoyingly high. The ROG G750 will seem eerily quiet if you come from a thin and light gaming laptop like an older HP Envy 15 or Dell XPS 15. CPU temperatures remained around 55C when playing ME3 and BioShock Infinite on high settings, and the GPU typically ran at 55-65C (those are good numbers). Resistance to heat stress, this Laptop will not die a premature death.

Audio System

The G750JS has an outstanding audio setup with stereo microphones, an amplifier, and a headset amplifier, the Asus Sonic Master. Plus, you have ROG Audio Wizard software that allows you to adjust the audio configurations and select five predefined modalities.

Battery Life

Asus asserts a battery life of 3.5 hours and says that one can switch to the same battery time automatically due to the Optimus Technology between discrete and assimilated graphics. Other reviewers have obtained up to 5.5 hours, but battery life would mainly depend on the type of use. Naturally, quick web surfing can lead to longer battery life. The Asus G750 has good battery life and averaged almost 4 hours of unplugged usage time for productivity work at 50 percent brightness with WiFi on it (not gaming. You do not want to play unplugged and give up performance).


At the end of the Asus G750 Gaming Laptop Review and Specs Guide, we recommend you to Buy one; this is a superb alternative if you’re a player. The pricing is fair for what you get, and I recommend the cooling and trackpad of the ASUS G750 to its most direct rival in price and specifications, the MSI GT70.

Currently, I prefer the keyboard because when using the Laptop for efficiency. The game-centric Steel Series keyboard style on the MSI does not fit well (the Windows button moved to the right side drives me crazy). There are excellent brightness and contrast in the matte full HD display, and the color gamut is excellent. As with ventilation, efficiency is top-notch. It is tough to reach two of the four RAM slots, but it is an easy system to update. If you like, you can set up a RAID0 as well.

But it’s challenging to find a more rugged gaming laptop than the Asus ROG G750JS. It consumes the average electric energy while playing games, making it best for those who have worried about battery timings. So go and catch the opportunity of this all-in-one best Laptop by space and tolerance.


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