Asus ROG GL551JM-DH71 Reviewed (2021)


Asus ROG GL551JM-DH71 Reviewed


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Are you in the market for a cheap and reliable gaming laptop that won’t break the bank? The Asus ROG GL551JM gaming laptop is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M discrete graphics processor and an Intel Core i7 Quad-Core Haswell processor. It is available under the ROG or Republic of Gamers name.

The Asus ROG GL551JM-DH71 is a 15.6-inch gaming laptop with gaming-focused features and ample computing capacity to enjoy your favorite PC games on the go. It may not be as swift or as attractive as its bigger brothers in terms of looks and muscle mass, but the good news is that it is far less expensive than its high-end equivalent. Read more about the Asus GL551JM-DH71 gaming laptop below and determine if it’s perfect for you.


The ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH71 15.6-inch gaming laptop is the newest member of the Republic of Gamers notebook roster. The GL551JM-DH71 competes against systems like the Lenovo Y50 and MSI GS60 Ghost by providing higher-mid-range gaming performance in a sleek black aluminum casing.

The device features a GeForce GTX 860M video card in the middle of Nvidia’s laptop GPU hierarchy, an Intel Core i7-4710HQ quad-core CPU a 1080p 1920×1080 pixel display.


You can find further information about gaming on laptops with the GTX 860 and quad-core i7 here. In short, the GPU/CPU hybrid is capable of running the most recent games at high detail settings and in 1080p resolution. Asus went for the 860M edition, which has 2GB of GDDR5 video memory instead of 4GB, but the gap won’t be visible in real-world use.

The 860M, on the other hand, falls short of the newly released GeForce GTX 970M and 980M range, which are optimized for gaming at higher resolutions and multimonitor setups.


In terms of the Asus GL551JM-monitor, DH71’s, it’s worth remembering that it has IPS in addition to the 1920×1080 pixel count wide-viewing-angle technology (although some retailers market it as such). It has an anti-glare finish.


Except for high-end games and wild multitasking, the RAM size is a whopping 16GB, which is overkilled. The hard drive has a generous 1 Terabyte size. The lack of a fast solid-state drive add-on for increased responsiveness is a drawback, but the HDD platters spin at 7,200rpm instead of the normal 5,400rpm. If you’re willing to spend an extra $100, the GL551JM-EH71 model comes with a 256GB SSD instead of a hard drive. There is a DVD optical drive included.

The keyboard has chiclet-style keys and a numeric pad, as anticipated. Backlighting on the keyboard is a popular feature on gaming laptops, and the Asus GL551JM-DH71 is no different. The backlight is red, with adjustable strength and the option of highlighting only the W, A, S, and D buttons used for game movement.

LAD and Battery

The Laptop has a SonicMaster stereo speaker system for audio. Asus says that the speakers’ massive scale and their acoustic chambers deliver a rich bass despite the lack of a subwoofer. On the top of the LCD bezel is a built-in webcam for web chats. The Laptop’s HDMI and mini Display Port video connectors can connect it to an external monitor. There’s also Bluetooth, three USB 3.0 ports, and a media card reader, as well as 802.11n Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet LAN links.

According to Asus, the supplied 6-cell lithium-ion battery can provide up to five hours of work on a single charge. The machine has a 1.3-inch high profile and weighs six pounds.


Windows 8.1 64bit | Intel HM86 | Intel Core i7-4710HQ 2.50GHz | 16GB DDR3L | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 2GB GDDR5 | 15.6-inch Full HD at 1920×1080 with anti-glare | Hardware 1TB | Optical drive DL DVD±RW/CD-RW | LAN Port Gigabyte Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps | 802.11a/g/n WLAN with Bluetooth 4.0 | 3x USB 3.0 |Video port 1x Mini DisplayPort, 1x HDMI port | Audio port 1x headphone / mic combo jack | weight 6.0 lbs.| Color Black Aluminum | Battery 6-Cell Lithium Ion

Best things about Asus ROG Gl551Jm-dh71

Heat resistant

One of the main goals when purchasing a gaming laptop should be to look for some overheating issues. There’s no point in making top-notch specifications and power if the extra heat isn’t properly ventilated and handled.

The ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH71’s upgraded cooling system seems to be up to the task; two independent fan systems successfully redirect heat and keep the laptop cool (one for the CPU and one for the GPU). It also has copper heat sinks that are superior to aluminum heat sinks, particularly when it comes to high-performance gaming specifications and requirements.

Bear in mind that the Asus ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH71 GPU has overclocking technology that can increase performance by 5%. Furthermore, the 4th generation Intel Core i7-4720HQ can be Turbo Charged to 2.50 GHz.

Performance Level

On results tests and benchmarks, the ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH71 has earned strong scores. When looking for an Asus Gl551Jm-dh71 Gaming Laptop Review and Specs Guide, the first thing you can do is look at its performance quality. In a 3DMark 11 overall graphics contrast, the Asus GT 870M was slower than the two 780Ms on the Alienware 18 notebook.

Despite this, the Gl551Jm-dh71 came in second and was over 20% faster than the single 780M Alienware 17 in extreme mode. In actual gaming, the Gl551Jm-dh71 managed to reach some decent frame rates.

Elegant Design

The ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH71 has a black stealth space-like design pleasing but not as flashy as other gaming notebooks like the Alienware 17. This Laptop is 6.00 lbs and is made of high-quality plastic. In theory, this is a small laptop replacement, but usability is unlikely to be a selling point.

The keyboard is backlit, but with white light, so the flashing color lights can be overlooked. The keyboard is full-size but not programmable, which could be a deal-breaker for some players but not all.

With a 17.3-inch display, the ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH71 is crisp and has completely saturated colors (LCD native resolution 1920 x 1080). The panel is glare-resistant, meaning c can use it in bright environments like a sunshine space. This Laptop also supports “Trinity Monitor Technology,” which allows you to play on three screens at once.


It’s just a cold laptop. Because of the giant shell and powerful dual fan configuration, this Laptop never gets too heavy. And the keyboard deck stays well below body temperature. And after playing Mass Effect 3 online for two hours, the bottom did not reach body temperature.

Thermal throttling was never a concern when gaming. Fortunately, the fans are silent, and you won’t notice them while you’re functioning productively.

Even while gaming, they don’t yell, and their pitch isn’t too loud. If you’re coming from a slim and light gaming laptop like an older HP Envy 15 or Dell XPS 15, the ROG G750 would seem eerily silent.

When playing ME3 and BioShock Infinite on high settings, the CPU temperature stayed around 55 degrees Celsius. And the GPU temperature stayed around 55 degrees Celsius (those are good numbers). This Laptop is immune to heat stress and will not die prematurely.


After our Asus ROG Gl551Jm-dh71 Laptop Review and Specifications Guide, we highly advise you to buy one; it is an excellent choice for gamers. The pricing is rational for what you get. And I favor the ASUS G750’s cooling and trackpad to its nearest price and specification competitor, the MSI GT70.

However, seeking a more rugged gaming laptop than the Asus ROG ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH71 is difficult. It uses the average amount of power when playing sports, making it perfect for those anxious with battery life. So take advantage of this all-in-one best Laptop in terms of volume and tolerance.


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