Best gaming laptops under $1200 (2021)

Best gaming laptops under $1200

It is essential to understand the intent of your purchase before purchasing the Best gaming laptops under $1200. You have to buy a computer that is sufficient for your needs. We’re going to tell you today about the best gaming laptops under 1200 available to people who are interested in E-sports. In this digital age, about $1200 is available on the market for a wide variety of gaming laptops, and these laptops are very powerful. On such laptops, you can play a straightforward game with comfort.

In Exports and gaming laptops, fast and sharp decision power is needed. These laptops are built to keep these variables under consideration not to experience any lags while gaming on a device.

Gaming laptops are highly favored to be organized appropriately and have a high capacity in them, and indeed, there are many laptops made especially for gaming purposes. Astonishingly, there are such incredible and best gaming laptops under $1200. When we compare the stuff we get from these laptops, this rate is excellent. In this age of artificial intelligence, IT specialists need to carry valuable equipment within everyone’s budget. Here we have the best gaming laptops under $1200.

Features of Best gaming laptops under $1200

Battery life

Hardcore players would like to play without interruption for 8-9 hours straight. Battery life is, therefore a very important aspect of a gaming laptop. For gamers, a long-lasting, fast charge is perfect and promises a seamless gaming experience.


The GPU standard separates a gaming laptop from a regular one because the visual aids are elevated. Because it is difficult to update, you need to pick carefully (maybe splash out an extra amount of money on it). Let’s begin with the first basics! Among ardent gamers, most standard GPU cards are the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. All seven gaming laptops use this card under 1200 mentioned above to make one fancier.

Ports and Bottom Line

Many gaming laptops’ ports only support the same brand’s external gadgets, which causes many problems if you are too far from the customer service office. We propose that a laptop with highly applicable ports should be chosen.

“To find “Mr. Right’ has never been an easy task in the vast gaming laptop market, as you spend hours binge-playing and using it. So our final advice is not to rush so quickly into a gaming laptop. To make the best decision on what to buy, you should take some time to look into this issue to be satisfied.

Top Best gaming laptops under $1200

1. ASUS ROG Strix G – 9th Gen Intel Core i7- 9750H

Best gaming laptops under $1200

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Asus Rog is manufactured for gaming. If you are a giant fan of laptop gaming, Asus Rug is one of the best laptops from gaming laptops under $1200. It provides you best display to enjoy your gaming with a full HD display. You have excellent keyboard help to make your gaming more enthusiastic and easy. This is comfortable for all kinds of high-power games, which types and adults love to play.


This laptop is specifically designed for the gaming platform. For individuals who want to play advanced HD-Games, this is best. The latest processor is available for gaming laptops, the 9th Gen Intel Core i7- 9750H. This processor increases the frequency to 4.5 GHz.

Many things in a gaming laptop need to be there to make the laptop a perfect choice, which is why this laptop has a 4GB Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card to fulfill all the gaming needs. Not only this but there is also 16 GB Ram on this laptop, which improves the gaming experience. There’s a 15.6 inch HD display on the laptop, and it weighs 5.2 pounds. There is also 1TB of SSD Drive on the laptop, which is best as it can store huge files and games.

  • Good management of heat
  • Nice keyboard
  • Designed stylishly
  • 5 hours average battery timing

2. Acer Nitro 7 – 9th Gen Intel i7-9750H

Best gaming laptops under $1200

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The best laptop gaming laptop under $1200 is Acer Nitro 7. We have the best one suitable for you gamming zeal as a gamer. Acer Nitro laptop makes all your troubles into a solution because this magical laptop gives you all in one gaming laptop package. It has ample SSD storage in which you can store your heavy games.


The Laptop Nitro series is mostly made for gaming purposes, and one of them is the Acer Nitro 7. Many gamers mainly prefer this laptop, and many websites even refer to this laptop when people are looking for laptops under $1200. This laptop has up to 4.5 GHz Intel Hexa Core i7-9750H processors and turbo, expanding your gaming experience.

Acer Nitro 7 also arrives with 16 GB Ram, 512 GB SSD, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB; this storage capacity, Ram and Graphic card is excellent for gaming laptops as games with large repository can be easily downloaded and saved in the laptop without worrying about a frozen or slow laptop. The most significant feature of this laptop is that there is no light on its red-backlit keyboard, which means users can play games even when they are there.

  • Great Storage of SSDs  
  • Looks fancy
  • keyboard with backlight
  • not a good cooling system

3. MSI GV62 – Intel 8th Gen Core i5-8300H

Best gaming laptops under $1200

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MSI GV62 Laptop will be a great decision if you are into traveling. The Optane Memory Module is not a genuine SSD card; it may, however, be a reasonably eligible substitute. It is now fitted as an upgrade to boost performance on this gaming laptop.


MSI is among the best gaming laptop under $1200 and PC hardware manufacturers, and the GV62 8RD-034 is one of the finest inventions for this company. Packed with a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU and an Intel i7 processor of the eighth generation, a lot of power is concealed under the elegant chassis of this laptop. The GV62 is an outstanding all-around performer, with 8GB of RAM and an SSD rounding out the kit.

Some incredible levels of gaming output are provided by the combination of the i7-8750H processor and GTX 1050 Ti, and MSI has added some useful features and functions developed with the hardcore gamer in mind. In-built control centers help you to fine-tune the output of your GPU and other settings to get the most from this laptop, and during vigorous gaming sessions, the cooling fans do a pretty impressive job of keeping the GV62 going.

  • Module Optane Memory
  • Lightweight Strong Quality
  • Middling performer for Gaming


4. OMEN by HP – 8th Generation intel core i5-8300H

Best gaming laptops under $1200


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OMEN by HP is the best gaming laptop under $1200. This laptop would be your best choice for gaming. OMEN is an attractive gaming laptop and does just about enough to warrant its lofty price tag. New processors and better GPUs can be found for less cost. Still, the overall kit, complete with those great RAM and storage options, as well as a very impressive battery, really distinguishes this model.


The MSI GV62 8RD-200 will run very smoothly with up to 16GB + 1TB (5400RPM), which suits just below the $ sum mentioned in this article. While the other day we attempted some high-level graphic photoshopping and even downloaded some reference files, this system will run without a lag on an ongoing basis. Its lightweight architecture is another noticeable aspect that makes the MSI GV62 8RD-200 stand out from its rivals. This machine will be a great decision if you are into traveling.

The Optane Memory Module is not a genuine SSD card; it may, however, be a reasonably eligible substitute. It is now fitted as an upgrade to boost performance on this gaming laptop. This computer also needs to improve the premium quality of output a little further after removing the old card. Plus, the Vr monitor is still in progress to be much better for the next model.

  • Lightweight
  • Decent design

  • Optane Memory

  • Limited battery timing

5. Lenovo Ideapad L340 – 9th-generation Intel Core i5 9300H


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Lenovo has become one of the prominent brands in the gaming laptop market with Legion gaming laptops’ current line. The Ideapad L340 is one of the best models on the Lenovo laptop list. With all the specifications of a gaming notebook, such as RGB lighting and geometric lines, it has an elegant style.


The comes equipped with an Intel Core i7-9750H processor that boosts the speed of games and is said to be the best for gaming laptops. This laptop has 8 GB of RAM, which means it is easy to download massive HD games, and these vast games can be easily stored on the laptop with the help of 512 GB of PCIe SSD storage. Also, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card makes your gaming experience smooth, and the games will have fewer glitches because of it.

This laptop is accessible in black and blue and is equipped with a backlit number pad keyboard. Overall, this laptop is perfect except for one thing, which is that there are not many USB ports on this laptop, which means that users will not be able to connect many devices at the same time to their laptops. An integrated webcam is also provided for the laptop.

  • Good graphics card
  • latest Windows
  • Elevated resolution
  • Ram is lower

6. GP65 Leopard 10SDK-049 — Core i7-10750H

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Are you seeking the best gaming laptop with core i7 features? GP65 laptop is the best-looking design for gammers. It has a speaker and microphone for those gamers who like high volume during playing games. So GP65 is the best option for them because they will never found this thing anywhere else.


The processor is the newest in the laptop environment and is ideal for gaming laptops as it guarantees a seamless ride. Without any technological bugs, the games can be played. This laptop has an NVidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, and the graphics card has a 6G ram, the height of the ram, and this graphics card guarantees a great gaming experience.

The 15.6-inch screen panel, several USB ports, long battery life, and backlit keyboard further increase the laptop’s efficiency and make it a great gaming match. Also, this laptop has a 16 GB ram, which is suitable for gaming laptops as well. Typically, games have many MBs, and high-ram laptops will only accommodate these apps; MSI Gp65 is thus the best choice because not only this, but it also has a vast storage facility.

  • Nice speakers and microphones
  • security lock slot

  • optical drive


Are these laptops only use for gaming?

No!-No! Not only are these laptops limited to gaming, but there are many other things you can also use on these laptops. These laptops are ordinary, but they have high storage and Ram in them, so you can also use this laptop for work or casual use along with gaming.

These laptops are also for people who work in offices where there is a need to save many files and documents. Storekeepers can also use this laptop to keep records, as these laptops have high RAM and storage, and this laptop can also be used industrially.

On these laptops, can we download the latest games?

Your reaction to the question is yes! You can download the new titles since almost all of the Windows, as mentioned above laptops, the latest available windows; also have the latest processors and graphics cards. $1200 is a decent enough number, and in this range, you can get the newest versions of laptops. It is also possible to upgrade these computers, and you can also add new windows and get the newest games.


All gaming, as mentioned above laptops is the best gaming laptops under $1200. It would help if you chose a new and robust CPU, enough RAM to fulfill the game’s specifications, and a decent display card dedicated to it. Going for a standard hard disc or SSD is optional, but SSD is still preferable to quicker disc access. These series have the same specs, but in either its features list or its price point, every laptop is distinct.


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