How to fix laptop power jack without soldering (2021)

How to fix laptop power jack without soldering 2021

Laptops and notebooks are particularly susceptible to environmental factors due to their mobile existence. We show you six clever ways to quickly and easily fix your laptop on your own or How to fix laptop power jack without soldering. Fixing a laptop’s power socket, in particular, can be difficult.

Regardless of how hard you try, your mobile PC will eventually have “experiences” with falls, poor luck, and worse. However, it is not recommended to rush to a PC repair service or the manufacturer for any laptop issue. Since it can solve several notebook problems at a lower cost and in a shorter amount of time, you can also repair them yourself.

All you will need are a few standard tools, spare parts, and a little elbow grease. Some of these repairs are not any more difficult to handle than a 7th-grade art project.

However, a variety of new laptops and notebooks are now available that are difficult to fix and impossible to open. If there are no screws visible, this could indicate that you would fail this project.

When it comes to finding the correct spare parts, particularly for power adapters or fans, you should do your homework. While they can seem to be identical, they may have significant differences in service.

You should check few things to know if your jack failed or not

The Power Light Turns On and Off

A correctly functioning DC power jack can provide a steady supply of power to your laptop. There’s an issue with the jack if your laptop’s power flickers or you have to wiggle your cord in the socket to keep it connected. It is a risky scenario, and electricity sparks are almost sure to occur.

If your battery is not charging, there’s a problem

If your battery is not charging, the DC jack could be damaged even if your power cable or laptop does not display the symptoms mentioned above. To set your laptop battery and give it a boost in charge, you will need a steady electricity supply. Failure to charge the batteries means that DC power is not being converted into a proper amount.

Just works at a certain angle or in a specific location

It is a forewarning sign that something terrible is about to happen. When a DC power jack on your laptop becomes loose, it cannot fit properly or change location. As a consequence, you might need to slant your power cord to get a charge. It will stress your power cord and DC jack, potentially causing harm to both.

How to fix the laptop power jack without soldering?

Needed Tools and Supplies

A universal AC adaptor that will work with your laptop;

1. Sharpie or highlighter barrels are both empty.

2. Tapes for electrical connections

3. Zip links have been used to keep things together.

4. Pliers with a Multimeter

5. Iron and solder

6. Wire strippers, etc. (for the AC on the laptop)

Screws, a screwdriver with nails, drills, and a hammer are all useful tools for boring holes (or any other tool to make holes and can hold the barrel in position)


  • A barrel with two holes must be prepared first. Remove the ink holder portion and the marker’s tip to do so.
  • Make a hole on the opposite side of the marker barrel, and that’s all there is to it.
  • Preparing the cables is the next move. It entails severing the laptop cable. We’re dealing with two types of AC adapters in this case: a generic AC adapter and a laptop AC adapter. AC Adapter (Generic)
  • Cut the cord from the generic adapter to the length required. You want to make sure the cord isn’t too short or too long.
  • Attach the cord you prepared earlier into the barrel.
  • You will need to strip the wires to reveal them.
  • AC Adapter for Laptop
  • Reduce the size of the cord that needs to be replaced by cutting it.

Insert the cord into the tip part of the marker barrel. (Make sure the wires have exposed by stripping them out.)

Join the two cords to repair the power jack. It’s a crucial move, and you’ll need to keep an eye out for any gaps. Using the multi-meter to double-check if you’re working with the correct wires.

Once you’ve completed the preceding steps, double-check that the barrel has been sealed. It may use zip ties to prevent the wires from losing contact if they have pulled. The zip ties keep the cables from being disconnected from the power jack.

How to fix laptop power jack without soldering

How does laptop power jack work with charger?

The two signals used by most laptop chargers are +VE and GND. However, some manufacturers, such as Dell, have an additional sensing pin and positive and negative connectors, resulting in three connections in the laptop jack.

The wires from these DC-in jacks have been crimped with a connector that connects to the motherboard. There are a few options for repairing the laptop power jack without soldering in this case. look at the dc jack picture below, which has soldered directly to the motherboard, and you can’t do it without soldering.

How to fix laptop power jack without soldering (problems related to physical damage)

When the pin or the whole jack on your laptop has broken, there is no way to repair it; you must replace it. Some people might even suggest gluing it up or doing something else, but I do not recommend it.

A sloppy connection between the dc jack and the adapter pin does not allow for a steady current flow, resulting in heat generation it can hurt the laptop charger pin or even the motherboard, When used for a long time, so it’s best to replace it.

Easy and direct ways to fix laptop power jack without soldering

There is always a tiny screw where you least expect it, so take your time and open your laptop. Please make sure that the screws are well organized. If you’ve opened the laptop to fix it, look for the laptop power socket. Once you’ve found it, look at it to see how it’s doing. There are primarily two scenarios.

First: it’s simple to fix because all you have to do is use a soldering iron to reconnect the power jack to the laptop motherboard (laptop repair professionals have one, or you can get one from a hardware store) and add a little solder to the legs to fix the loose link and you’re finished.

Second: repairing a laptop takes a long time because it necessitates a lot of effort and experience and the use of professional equipment. It must first remove the damaged power jack from the motherboard.

Before you remove the broken power jack, make sure you have the fix on hand. Please make sure you order the correct power jack; finding it will take some time, and you won’t be able to reassemble your laptop in the meantime.

When you receive the part, carefully align the legs of the power jack with the motherboard floor and solder the power jack using a soldering iron, being careful not to join the power jack’s pins. Please only attempt this if you have prior experience or expertise in laptop repair; otherwise, leave it to the professionals.

Once you’ve finished soldering, you should put it back together and close it up. Finally, test your laptop by turning it on and attaching the power adapter. If the charging sign appears, you’ve done everything correctly and successfully fixed the laptop power jack.


Is it possible to repair a laptop charging port?

To repair the laptop charger port, you must first determine the source of the issue. You can quickly detach and install the power jack if it has attached to the motherboard. If the power jack tears the motherboard, on the other hand, you’ll have to deliver it and replace it with a new one.

Is it possible to charge my laptop using any available charger?

The adapter or laptop would be damaged. If the adapter’s power rating is lower than the computer’s, the adapter’s power can increase suddenly rather than gradually as the load on the computer increases.

It can burn out the laptop’s circuit if the charger has rated higher. However, you would not find chargers with the same pin size and different scores in most situations, but you won’t find them without them.

What is the best way to solder the DC Power Jack?

When soldering the DC jack directly to the motherboard, the soldering process is more convenient than removing it. Place the DC jack in a pinhole on the motherboard and add flux to secure it. Now, using molten solder wire, solder each of the pins to the motherboard attachment one by one.


We believe that we guide you with a clear understanding of power jack faults and how to repair your laptop’s power jack with/without soldering. Once you’ve finished fixing it, make sure to test your laptop to see if it’s working correctly. Best wishes!


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