10 tips to improve battery life of a gaming laptop

There are a few things you can do to improve the battery life of your laptop. Some of them you may already be doing, but others you may not. Here are 10 tips to improve battery life of a gaming laptop.

Many of the new ultraportable computers have enough battery life to last a whole day. But if you’re reading this, your laptop doesn’t. Because most current laptops don’t have detachable batteries, replacing the flat one with a fully charged spare isn’t a possibility. Here are some of our best suggestions for extending the life of your laptop battery.

10 tips to improve battery life of a gaming laptop

1 Disable WI-Fi after use

Disconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you aren’t utilizing them. Because both radios utilize battery power, it’s best to switch them off. Wi-Fi can usually have disabled with a switch or key combination on most computers, but Bluetooth can be more difficult.

Some manufacturers provide a utility for enabling or disabling Bluetooth on older laptops (often obvious in the Start menu). if in doubt, go to the System Preferences in the Cpanel, scroll through the list of hardware. Till you find the Bluetooth connector, right-click on it, and choose Disable.

2 Upgrade SSD

Traditional hard disks that are still widely used in laptops require more power to rotate their platters than solid-state drives. It does not have any moving parts. In addition to a small increase in battery life, an SSD will greatly enhance the responsiveness of your laptop.

3 Dim the brightness

The screen is by far the largest power hog on most computers. Or, to be more precise, the backlight of the screen. The backlight on an LCD screen allows you to view the colors. And some older laptops feature power-sucking fluorescent backlights.

LED backlights are common in modern computers. However, they use a lot of power. Darkening the screen brightness might extend your battery life by 30 minutes or more. This tip is one of the best of 10 tips to improve battery life of a gaming laptop. To control the brightness, almost all laptops feature keyboard shortcuts.

Typically, you will hold down the Fn key while pressing one of the top row’s function keys or cursor keys. They will have labeled with sun symbols in either instance. The one with a sun’s outline is the one you utilize to darken the screen.

They do not work on your laptop; access Windows 10’s action center by pressing A while holding the Windows key. At the bottom, there must be a brightness slider.

4 Change the power settings

This laptop may be set to Windows ‘Balanced’ mode rather than Power Saver by default. Look for Power Options in the Control Panel and see which Power Plan has selected. Remember that depending on whether Windows is running on mains or battery power. It utilizes various power and performance settings.

We should discover a battery saver option, and all you have to do now is pick it and close the window. If not, select ‘Show additional plans’ from the drop-down menu.

Allow the screen to turn off in a few minutes, and put the laptop to sleep after five or ten minutes if nothing appears to be occurring. You may change things to your satisfaction if you go into the advanced power settings, such as if the system hibernates and which hardware should utilize their highest power saving profiles.

Find it, click the battery symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen, or open Action Centre and look for the Battery Saver tile toward the bottom. If your laptop charger has plugged in, it will have greyed out.

Click the battery icon near the clock, then Power & sleep settings to see which applications use the most power. Click Battery in the left-hand pane, then on the Battery utilization by app link. By checking the box and setting the slider, you can have this mode turn on automatically.

5 Off the Keyboards light

Backlit keyboards add style to gaming laptops while also allowing you to utilize them in low-light situations. Some keyboards even allow you to add unique colors to specific keys. So you can quickly identify them without having to look away from the screen.

Although keyboard backlights are a convenient feature for gamers, they add to the battery’s stress and cause it to deplete faster.

Switching off your laptop’s keyboard backlighting when you don’t need it, such as during the day, is a fantastic strategy to extend battery life. Turning off RGB lighting increased battery life by 16 per cent, as shown in the video below.

Although you may not obtain the same results as in the video, you should notice a big increase in battery life. If you’re not sure how to turn off the backlights on your laptop, see your handbook. You could also set your keyboard’s keyboard backlighting to turn off while your laptop will be on battery power and come back on when it has hooked in.

6 Don’t charge your laptop for a long duration

10 tips to improve battery life of a gaming laptop

Overcharging protection should have built into lithium-ion batteries, but leaving your laptop plugged in all the time is bad for the battery’s long-term health.

Several manufacturers supply a utility that prevents the battery from charging completely. It significantly reduces battery degeneration and allows you to keep the laptop connected to the power supply at all times.

Disable the limitation and enable the laptop to charge to 100% when you wish to use it on battery power and get the most out of it.

7 Disconnect the extra devices connected with your laptop

If you leave a disc in your DVD drive, it may spin up anytime you open a Windows Explorer window or use the Save option in an application, reducing battery life.

Although newer laptops are uncommon to contain a disc drive, any USB peripherals you leave attached, such as portable hard drives or USB web cameras, will take power and should have unplugged if not in use.

8 buy a new one

Laptop batteries, like printer ink, are consumables, contrary to common assumption. Batteries are not built to last as long as the laptop. If you read the fine print on the warranty statement, you’ll likely find that the battery isn’t covered or is only guaranteed for a limited time.

Batteries deteriorate with time and after many years of heavy usage. You’ll probably discover that the battery is only half its initial capacity and lasts half as long. Although some laptops don’t have consumer batteries, some do. And you may get third-party replacements for far less than what your laptop maker would charge.

9 Turn of background running programs

Antivirus software, such as Bit Defender, Avast, and Kaspersky, help keep your laptop clear of viruses and other malware. However, sometimes your antivirus software itself could drain your battery if it constantly runs real-time scans in the background.

Disabling real-time scans when your laptop is not plugged in through the settings menu of your antivirus software. It can help improve battery life. If you use Windows 10, you can disable your antivirus software because. It comes with its built-in antivirus known as Windows defender.

Windows Defender is good enough and offers almost the same amount of protection as other antivirus software. In addition, it does not come with unnecessary bloatware such as registry cleaners, browser extensions, and trackers. These can increase power consumption.

10 Use powerful graphics

Whenever your laptop includes an AMD or Nvidia graphics chip, it’s likely to have integrated graphics as well (usually Intel). Theoretically, the powerful graphics chip should only have used when playing games or performing demanding apps. But you should double-check this.

Manufacturers occasionally include a manual switch between graphics processors, similar to how Bluetooth and Wi-Fi work. Although you may need to reboot, most current designs enable you to change settings on the fly.

Even before integrated graphics chips have utilized instead of Nvidia or AMD processors, such laptops can last twice as long on battery power.


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